Success Stories!

“I wanted to improve my health and lose some weight. I greatly improved my health and in just 5 weeks I lost 2 stone, without having to starve myself. 

Have learnt how eating unhealthily affects my body and how easily it is to turn it around. 

Each presentation was given in a way that I found easy to understand with lots of explanations given. I was glad I could re-watch the presentations so I could refer back to them. 

The hints and tips were informative. 1st week difficult with a few cravings but I found the nightly forms were a help to keep me on track. 

Each week became so much easier”

…thank you mum!

“Years of dieting just hasn’t worked for me, its not sustainable. I needed to sort my health out pronto.

Your brain bank of knowledge and information is excellent. 

Your support has been invaluable. 

I’ve really enjoyed this 6 week course, it has been so very interesting and eye opening and has made the whole process of cleaning up our diets understandable and much clearer now we know why we are doing it rather than counting calories or faddy diets”

…thank you sis!

“Fed up, tired and immobile. Desperate to find inspiration and fall in love with food again. 

The 5 day taster week and Lizzie’s brilliant enthusiasm and in depth knowledge. Updated my knowledge of nutrition and health. 

Great tips and tasty recipes, many becoming firm favourites to repeat again and again. Enjoyable, rewarding and challenging. 

I’d recommend this to friends and family. The friendly support and explanations are brilliant. Thank you Lizzie”

…thank you Hannah.

“Feel like my eyes have been opened. 

Useful having weekly session to learn about the theme and the midweek checkpoint. Liked the Just Coach journals as it gave me accountability. 

Everything supported by scientific evidence. 

Lots of support from Lizzy. If you need something which works, this is the Programme for you. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy – you are trying to change years of unhealthy habits. You won’t know unless you try. It feels like this is now my way of life

…thank you Karen!

My sister was a typical yo-yo dieter who came on board and lost an impressive 4 STONE!!

my sister barbie before and after picture

“I’ve been overweight for most of my life and was fed up with all the faddy diets out there that I’ve never had long term success with.

My main problem being I obsess about food if I have to count points, calories, sins etc so not only have these faddy diets been disastrous for my weight, they haven’t helped my mental attitude towards food.

I’m over the moon with my progress so far and I am feeling healthier and fitter and happier and I am only halfway to my goal of losing 7 stone! 

I cannot recommend Liz and this approach enough, she’s always on hand with advice when I get stuck or confused so the fact that we can communicate online with skype has been a boon.”

My mum lost 2 stone during the first five weeks of the Programme…and a total of 4 stone to date!

my mums before and after weight loss picture

“I’m not only thrilled with my weight loss it is also the improvement of my health. 

No more acid reflux, no more puffy fingers, no more feeling bloated and hardly any water retention in my legs. 

Best of all my blood pressure has so greatly improved that I’m making an appointment with doctor to come off my tablets. 

Thanks Bizzy it’s taken me a long time to listen to you and decide to take all your advice”

And lot's of other comments from successful members of my programmes.

“I have just finished a 6 week course with Elizabeth, I initially approached Elizabeth as I wanted to get healthier and fitter and she’s certainly helped with that.”

“Elizabeth has been professional, friendly and helpful throughout the course. She spoke about many different areas of healthy eating… a lot of which I haven’t heard of before.”

“I have lost weight and inches over the last 6 weeks by using this plan. However, the most important thing is the change in mindset and for the first time in my life I’m thinking logically about what I eat, why I’m eating it and what effect it’s having on my body.”

“This is not a diet or a quick fix … it’s so much better than that! I would recommend Elizabeth wholeheartedly, her knowledge is really second to none and you can tell she loves what she does.”

“After an extremely stressful few months in my life – quite possibly the highest levels of stress I’ve ever experienced, I realised I was completely addicted to caffeine, sugar and processed foods that had been my crutch during a time when I couldn’t possibly think about food and food prep…. I was at my wits end… I had no energy… I had nothing left to give … not even to myself…. I had some terrible dark moments where I truly wondered whether it was worth hanging on if I couldn’t get myself out of this terrible depleted state that I had created”

“Until a close friend suggested I speak to Liz…. armed with a wealth of evidence based knowledge on food, food science and it’s effects on the body Liz helped me get back on the right track… I was determined to get out of an awful dark hole and after just 5 days of following Liz’s advice I have energy!!!!”

“My skin and eyes are brighter and the inflammatory pain I have from a spinal condition has lessened considerably. I highly recommend Liz if you want to learn the raw truths about foods and the effects on the body and how eating a clean diet could literally change your life. It has mine – in just 5 days…. gorgeous whole foods containing just what our body needs to create and sustain energy, burn body fat effectively and start to glow”

“It will be the best money and time you have ever invested in yourself xxx thank you Liz”

“Thank you so much for your dedication to the course I have just completed. My whole lifes’ thinking has changed!”

“Prior to enrolling, I had looked at various ‘slimming’ options, organised groups, online, etcetera and then you popped up. Apart from payment for your time I could not see any reason that you would be doing this work other than to help people! You were not selling anything, nor steering me to an expense of some sort. This appealed to me and I have not been disappointed”

“At some 70-odd years I have learned a whole new way of eating and I know I will stick to it as it is now becoming second-nature to analyse what I put in my body. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go still but I am on the right road. I’ve dieted on and off over the years, different methods and I have never really been more than a stone over my target weight. However, as I’ve got older it has been harder to shed the pounds. I crept up to two stone over weight and felt really like I didn’t care too much about myself generally. This has all changed – I have lost a good 12lb in weight and can fit into clothes I haven’t worn for some time. I also feel a lot better in and about myself.”

“I would recommend the course to others but would say one has to be willing to give everything a go and be prepared to listen to and learn about things one never knew existed! You are so committed Elizabeth and I hope that you are able to share your expertise with many people.”

“I joined Elizabeth’s group because I was interested in finding out what her theory was on loosing weight. The information and facts that she gave us were interesting and informative and gave me a great deal to think about.”

“I have lost weight and no longer eat bread but I have found that due to my medical condition I have to be very careful.”

“Her approach has been very friendly and relaxed and she was very helpful when I needed her advise. I did however find that at times I was overwhelmed with information. The recipes that were provided have proved very good.”

“I would and have recommended Elizabeth and her course to friends.”

Hi I’m Lizzy, a certified Primal Health Coach and Human Intestinal Microbiome Specialist, helping you find your way to true gut health, allowing yourself freedom from bloating and IBS, while effortlessly managing your weight giving you back your comfort & confidence.

I once suffered with Bloating, IBS and relied on exercise to manage my weight. Until 2012 when I found something that turned this all around…and I’ve never looked back! I will teach you everything I know, for you to be empowered with the knowledge to help you feel fantastic.

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