Primal Wraps

These super little dudes are just the ticket for a small but filling meal, they are loaded with fibre & protein so don’t be tempted to have two in one sitting. I did this once…I didn’t do it again!!

The dry ingredients are available to purchase from my shop pre-mixed, all ready to go-go-go, just add the water and flavourings…this saves you hunting down the individual ingredients from shop to shop!


1 cup ground flax seeds*
2/3 cup hot water
1 tbsp herbs (or spices of your choice)
1 tsp salt*

*these are included in the pre-mixed dry ingredients.


Don’t expect these to be stretchy like wheat wraps, so treat them with care.

The mix is sticky so you must use parchment or silicone paper to roll, I use this tortilla press and these handy silicone rounds. 

I forgot to tell a client this and she had to scrape her mixture off her rolling pin and start again…oops, sorry Jilly!!


Put the ground flax seeds & your chosen seasonings into a bowl and add the hot water, stir the mixture until it forms a clump, if too wet add more flax.

Leave the mix to sit for a few about 10 minutes to bind, divide the mixture into 5 balls & roll out as flat as possible between two sheets of parchment, or use a tortilla press with silicone rounds, they will only be 7ish inches in diameter.

Heat a frying pan or iron skillet, brush a little butter around to melt & lightly coat, add one wrap at a time and cook for 2ish mins each side. Done!

Enjoy them with an assortment of yummy fillings:

  • Cream cheese & tinned salmon or mackerel
  • Cottage cheese & smoked salmon
  • Cheese & tomato with mustard
  • Cream cheese & egg

Makes: 5 . Prep: 15 mins . Cook: 15 mins

Nutrition per serving: 119 kcal . 10g Fats . 6g Carbs . 3g Protein