What is Sprinting & why do it...

Sprint Workout Suggestions:

Begin each workout with a five-minute warmup of low-intensity walking or jogging (heart rate of “180 minus age” or less) followed by light stretching.

Conclude each workout with a five minute cool down identical to the warm up. Be certain that you have medical clearance before attempting any strenuous workout.

Novice Sprint Workout – Strides and 85-Percent Sprints
After proper warm up, conduct six warmup strides of 5 to 8 seconds each, with a 20-second rest period between strides. Focus on maintaining good running form and don’t worry about your speed. These are just warm ups for your main sprint efforts. After your warmup strides, do six sprints lasting 8 to 20 seconds each at an estimated 90 percent of maximum effort. Take a one-minute rest period between sprints or otherwise enough to be fully recovered and achieve normal respiration before beginning your next sprint.

After two to three sessions over a few weeks’ time, increase your sprint efforts to nearly full speed. Use a moving start (jog up to starting line and then begin sprinting) instead of a static start, to minimise injury risk. Where you fall in the range of 8 to 20 seconds is personal preference. Naturally, shorter sprints will be at faster speeds. Pay attention to the difference between leg fatigue and pain. If you experience any acute pain or tightness, particularly in your hamstrings, wrap up the workout immediately with an easy cool down and refrain from further intense exercise until your condition completely clears.

Sprint Workouts

Sprint Workout #1 – Strides and Full Sprints
Strides and sprint workout as described for novice workout, except build to maximum (controlled) effort on the sprints. Remember to deliver a consistent quality of effort on each sprint, and stop the workout if your time or perceived effort is unsatisfactory.

Sprint Workout #2 – Hill Repeats
Six to eight times hill sprints lasting 8 to 20 seconds at 90 percent effort. Recover by walking or trotting down the hill. Return to normal breathing before beginning next effort.

Sprint Workout #3 – Accelerations
Six to eight times 30-second sprints with the first 10 seconds at medium effort, second 10 seconds at hard effort, and third 10 seconds at full sprint. One to two minutes recovery between efforts. You can use a running track and do 150-meter repeats accelerating every 50 meters (start at turn apex, accelerate at straightaway, accelerate again at middle of straightaway, finish at traditional finish line) or any other course you can mark with one-third distance intervals.

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