This is me and my sister Barbie, we were the best of friends growing up…we still are the best of friends 50 years later!

two sisters with heads together smiling

Barbie struggled with her weight all her life and of course ‘diets’ very rarely helped…in fact they did more harm than good but this was before she gave a Primal lifestyle a try and then enrolled on The Fat Burning Programme.

Read her comments below or scroll down to see her results and if you wonder if this would work for you too…yes it will!

my sister before her weight loss

I was always a little plumpy growing up but was content in the knowledge that it was only puppy fat that I would lose when I was a teenager, that’s what people kept telling me anyway.  When I hit my teens, a close family member asked me when I was going to “do something about my weight” which to hear, just confirmed I was fat but looking back at my school photos where I am standing next to my best friend at the time that was always being teased for being a beanpole, I wasn’t much bigger than her!

This careless comment stung me terribly and it set the pattern for the rest of my life.

I went on a diet and steadily gained weight over the next 37 years and I reckon in this time I have lost and gained, lost and gained, lost and gained the same half stone.

I now know that dieting was a terrible thing to have done to myself.

As any perpetual dieter can attest, the Cambridge diet, counting calories, cutting out all fat, the boiled egg and white wine diet, the Slimfast diet, the cottage cheese diet, Lean Cuisine, the cabbage soup diet, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Slimming Magazine, one Mars Bar a day, starvation, Rosemary Conley.

They JUST DON’T WORK long term!!

All impossible to maintain.

If only we knew then what we know now, how much healthier, ergo happier, we would be.  I am 51 and started my menopause freakishly early at 36 so dread to think the damage I have done to my body and bones by cutting out the fats and saving points and calories just so I can fill myself to the brim with carbs.

my sister after weight loss
my sister happy with her weight loss

The primal way is just so much more sustainable, satisfying and enjoyable.

So far on my journey I have lost 44lb…

…and already I am able to do much more than I could before:

My plantar fasciitis is so much better…

My back is stronger…

My knees don’t hurt as much…


…I’ve also incorporated strength training and yoga into my new lifestyle and can now do things that I used to struggle with before:

One of them being getting my undies on in the morning…

I can now lift my legs comfortably to get in any leg‑holes…

I can lift my feet to my hands in the shower instead of hurting my back to bend down…

I can do boy’s press‑ups, several of them!

All small triumphs on their own, but so encouraging to me, I have another 44lb to lose but I am happy that I am halfway to my goal and I know I can do it this time, the primal way.

I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for introducing me to this lifestyle, her knowledge and guidance and support have been invaluable to me and without it, I have no doubt I would have dieted my way to a premature grave!

Double thumbs up to Elizabeth!

my sister wearing traditional Nigerian attire

My sister is now happy not miserable, she is physically comfortable, she is able to walk with her head held high without wishing she could hide into the background out of sight, she has day long energy and her fitness has improved, she is able to eat if she is hungry, she no longer has to count calories and no longer has to go hungry simply because she has reached her daily quota!!

Watch my ‘rustic video to see what she has to say about how she felt before she turned to a Primal Lifestyle and how she feels now.

Hi I’m Lizzy, a certified Primal Health Coach and Human Intestinal Microbiome Specialist with a focus on IBS and SIBO, helping you find your way to true gut health, allowing yourself freedom from discomfort while effortlessly managing your weight while giving you back your comfort & confidence.

I once suffered with Bloating & IBS and relied on exercise to manage my weight, until 2012 when I found something that turned this all around…and I’ve never looked back! I will teach you everything I know for you to be empowered with the knowledge to help you feel fantastic.

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