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Heck yes!!

What makes this protocol so ‘do-able’ is due to the nutrient dense food choices, hunger hormones are stabilised, which means less physical growling in the stomach sending you grabbing crappy snacks. And, those mental feelings of insatiable and hard to ignore cravings are given the boot within just a few days.

Both typical side affects of mainstream ‘dieting’ which can derail you again and again.

This Programme is unlike mainstream ‘diets’ and ‘clubs’, you will no longer be focusing on counting calories or points and syns, you will be focusing on the EFFECT of food on your Weight and Gut Environment.

Many of my clients are life-long dieters and disgruntled slimming clubbers, or should I say WERE! This alternative approach works because you will be consuming foods which work with your body not against it.

Plus, there is very little emphasis on weighing, and I don’t just mean your food, I mean you personally, I encourage you to focus on how you FEEL rather than what you weigh, and the changes you feel, will become the priority.

Yep. During the Programme you will learn how to free up your body fat so your body can access it for use as the predominant fuel. And when your body starts to use your body fat, you will start to lose your body fat…this is why my approach works so well for effective fat loss.

At the moment the likelihood is your body fat is locked away and your body relies on stored and dietary glucose to get you through your day.

You will learn how to train your body to predominately use your body fat instead of glucose. Carbohydrate, which is converted into glucose, is NOT an essential nutrient…you can create your own glucose from internal sources, your body fat.

Then you are in the right place, especially if you are a long term dieter or slimming clubber. The protocol I use helps to keep hunger at bay, and gets a control on cravings using real whole food alone. The difficult to ignore side affects of ‘dieting’ which can derail you time and time again.

The fact is, the same foods that cause digestive unrest, are also the cause of unexplained creeping Weight Gain, this Programme helps you to replace those troublesome foods with better alternatives, allowing you to take back control of your waistline.

The alternatives are tantalisingly delicious, keeping your taste buds satisfied, highly nutritious, keeping you fuller for longer, and break those hard to ignore signals of cravings, saving you from raiding the biscuit tin.

The side affect of removing the major Bloating and IBS culprits from your diet is the release of EXCESS body fat, which for some is a bonus.

But I will work with you closely to help you maintain, or increase your weight.

Nope. I encourage the use of real whole food alone which you can source from your local shops. I would only reccomend supplementation if you are avoiding certain food groups. I do however supply ‘Dry Ingredient Mixes’ to use with certain Recipes in the Programme Collection, to save you shopping around for ingredients.

We are all tightening our purse strings…but it is the ‘end result’ you are investing in, and this Programme gives ‘results’, it is up to you to decide how much your own personal ‘result’ is worth.

For some, the fact that they are never in pain again (this is me included), can leave the house safely, or feel more confident in their clothes is priceless. 

I have previously sold this same 3 Step Plan as a 12 Week Personal Programme with a high end price ticket of £1,500, because it gives results, this person wanted results…and she got them!

The Group Environment my current in-person Programme offers means I can lower the cost for you significantly, and the camararderie the group environment brings is also priceless, and will likely increase your success rate.

I have also been offered use of the venue for a minimum fee, plus supply ‘downloadable’ content only…all of this helps to keep the cost down for you, which in todays environment is most welcomed.

The one-off payment for this educational Programme will allow for life-long and life-changing improvements which eliminate bloating, reduce IBS flares, and allow long term weight management…you will own that knowledge forever.

Something you should compare with possible months, or even years, of further Dieting and Club Memberships with frequent disappointments, in order to help you decide whether this educational and effective Programme will be value for money for you.

21 Days is certainly long enough to make an impact for sure, but you may still need time to adjust, you still may need guidance and support. For this reason you will be invited to join the VIP Support Plan, this is a continuation of the Programme for ongoing Support, Guidance and the Camararderie of your fellow members to help you stay on track.

The VIP Support Plan includes new Recipes each month to keep your taste buds tantalised, a Weekly Focus to stay engaged with your intentions, an end-of-month Meet Up to iron out any wrinkles, Accountability via the Programme App, plus an invitation to join the Reset Challenge further down the line.

Yep! The protocol of this Programme is an emphasis on increasing nutrient dense foods and minimising foods known to cause hormone disturbances. This means hormones can be stabilised and settled relieving the affects of peri and menopause. 

As the protocol of this Programme is to reduce the major culprits of Bloating and IBS, many of the foods which cause these issues are excluded for a period of time. It is do-able but you could find the range of safe foods especially limiting.

You may initially need to stock up on certain larder ingredients, but in the long run you could end up spending less. Simply as the foods you will be encouraged to consume are highly nutritious and will keep you fuller for longer, meaning you may eat less. This can result in a reduction of your grocery bill compared to a basket full of quick snacks which leave you hungry a short while later.

Yep! I have recorded the Modules so you can join the Programme from afar. BUT, I do highly recommend you join the Facebook Group, as the camararderie of your fellow programme members is what will keep you moving forward…unless you are especially strong willed and motivated, and great going-it-alone!

You will receive everything the in-person members receive, except the face to face bit! As long as you make time to watch the recorded modules, and put the time in emotionally and physically you will succeed. And you will have me by your side in the Support Group every step of the way.

Heck yes!! Simply due to the elimination of gut damaging and inflammatory foods which are known to cause total mayhem on your digestive system, leading to Intestinal Permeability which in turn triggers your immune system.

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