…it’s only £14 for Group Camaraderie, Accountability and Bonus Tips, to help you change habits that last, that’s just £1 per day to stay in control and reach your goal!!

'Improve Your Hydration' - starts January 29th

Water is the most important nutrient in your diet, nothing else comes close. It’s therefore a truly vital resource for the human body and must be replaced in order to prevent becoming dehydrated.

The Challenge will encourage you to drink fresh water with every Meal, it will guide you day by day with useful tips, and give you the opportunity to reflect on your new habit with an end of day check-in.

It will be delivered to you via my Coaching App which offers powerful accountability as I can oversee your progress, helping to keep you on your toes, plus a programme ‘chat box’ for supportive camararderie.

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What are the 14 Day 'Focus' Challenges?

This is a series of Monthly Challenges created to help you FOCUS on other areas of your diet and lifestyle, such as Living in the Moment, Increasing Movement, Ensuring Hydration, or Improving your Sleep.

These exciting and well balanced Challenges are a beautiful way to spend 14 days, ensuring you make time to incorporate a few quick and simple habit changes in order to benefit your mind, your body, and your long term goal.

Check back each month to join us on the next one!