10 Habits to Help Reduce Drinking at Home

Alcohol is often the spark to ignite laughter between friends and relaxation after long days, but it can also have a murkier side.

As one of the world’s most common psychoactive substances, alcohol is classified as a depressant, slowing the central nervous system, decreasing motor coordination, reaction time, and cognitive performance, and influencing mood.

Regular or heavy consumption can disrupt sleep patterns, affect judgment, alter behaviour, cause depression, and impact your heart health and immune system.

Regardless of how much you consume, decreasing your intake may be a smart option. Whether you want to cut back because one drink every few nights has turned into several every night, or maybe you want to feel better overall, whatever the reasons, the health benefits can be immediate: lower risk of cancer and strokes, more energy, better sleep, clearer skin, and weight loss.

To help you succeed, I’ve created ten miniature habits that easily fit into your routine. 

Each habit consists of a Trigger (an everyday routine that triggers drinking) and an Action (the new practice that will replace frequent drinking or stop altogether.)

After you complete a new habit give yourself a “pat on the back”—Praise—for nailing your new practice. It can be as simple as whispering to yourself, “good job,” or a fist pump in the air. Whatever makes you smile because praising yourself activates feel-good vibes that make your new habit easy.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Pick one or two miniature habits from the checklist each week and take on the challenge to complete the habit daily for at least five days.

Not all of them will suit your lifestyle, but once you’ve tried some, you’ll be able to customise others to meet your routine. 

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