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60 minute Gut Reset Workshop - March 30th 6pm, Mandy's Deli, Birchington

Modern living brings complications with our health, from bloating to IBS, unintentional weight gain, fatigue & tiredness, illness and disease.

But you CAN minimise the RISK…if you know HOW.

Join our 'GUT RESET' Workshop to find out!!

During this 60 minute Gut Reset Workshop you will discover the MAJOR CULPRITS likely aggravating your digestive system, you will learn which foods you should avoid for a period of time allowing for recovery, and what to replace them with while avoiding hunger and remaining satisfied.

Hosted at Mandy’s Deli, Birchington for just £10 you can enjoy a 40 minute Presentation followed by a Q&A session. You’ll also receive the Quick Pro/Prebiotic Guide below, plus a Gut Reset Guide which includes; a 3 Step Plan, plus a 7 Day Meal Plan with accompanying Recipe Collection and Larder List.

Register your interest using the button below and you’ll receive details shortly.

Quick Pro/Prebiotic Guide

This super simple Quick Guide will show you the real benefits of probiotics and prebiotics, why they are so good for your body, and what food you should eat to keep your gut microbiota healthy.

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Hi I’m Lizzy, a certified Primal Health Coach and Human Intestinal Microbiome Specialist with a focus on IBS and SIBO, helping you find your way to true gut health, allowing yourself freedom from discomfort while effortlessly managing your weight while giving you back your comfort & confidence.

I once suffered with Bloating & IBS and relied on exercise to manage my weight, until 2012 when I found something that turned this all around…and I’ve never looked back! I will teach you everything I know for you to be empowered with the knowledge to help you feel fantastic.

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