Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

This handy guide helps you avoid the Dirty Dozen, the non-organic fruits and vegetables that are highest in pesticide residues, and choose non-organic items from the Clean Fifteen List.

Uncover which foods tested positive for a number of different pesticide residues, and contained higher concentrations of pesticides than other produce.

And, find out which foods had relatively few pesticides detected, and tests found low total concentrations of pesticide residues.


Hi I’m Lizzy, a certified Primal Health Coach and Human Intestinal Microbiome Specialist with a focus on IBS and SIBO, helping you find your way to true gut health, allowing yourself freedom from discomfort while effortlessly managing your weight while giving you back your comfort & confidence.

I once suffered with Bloating & IBS and relied on exercise to manage my weight, until 2012 when I found something that turned this all around…and I’ve never looked back! I will teach you everything I know for you to be empowered with the knowledge to help you feel fantastic.

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