30 Day 'New Year' Reset

Take Back Control of Your Weight and Health in just 30 Days!!

Kicks Off Sunday January 8th

Want to start the New Year FEELING you are ‘BACK IN CONTROL’ of your Weight and your Health?

Discover how to fuel and move your body to lose weight, be free of bloating and get in shape with this unique 30 day ‘New Year’ Reset Programme.

 And The Best Part…

 It Doesn’t Involve Calorie Counting, Hunger, Cravings or Energy Slumps!!

If we haven’t met before this is us!!


I’m a Gut Healthy Weight Loss Coach specialising in Bloating and IBS, so you can feel better in your clothes and be free from painful and embarrassing IBS flares.


I'm a Personal Fitness Trainer specialising in low impact Strength Training, to ensure you have a strong and fit body from top to toe, improving your health and physique.

Let us ask you a quick question…

Do you ever feel like there’s too much conflicting information about how you should eat, or how to implement it into your life?

If you’re confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed by all the mixed messages out there, you’re not alone.

Or perhaps you know what works for you, but don’t find it easy to implement alone, without a bunch of teamies for camararderie or accountability.

Can you relate to this? ☝️

If you’ve bounced in and out of Slimming Clubs, or tried the so-called Quick Fixes and regained the weight, you might be tempted to beat yourself up about it.

We’re here to tell you that it’s NOT your fault…you are being set up to failyes, you read that correctly!!

The fact is that mainstream calorie counting and point system diets DO NOT work effectively, they keep you on that ‘diet’ treadmill and are accompanied by Cravings and Hunger, plus deplete you of Energy.

Can you relate to this too? ☝️

Are these the kind of results you are looking for?

I have done loads of diets and never had results like this before. I can not believe that it has helped, I have lost 1 stone and 7lb in 4 weeks and everything fits so nicely!

I'd given up all hope and felt I'd tried and failed at everything to lose weight, I lost 12lbs and 19 inches!

Quite different to other Diets and Slimming Clubs, I was obese and my esteem was low, I have now lost 2st and 3lbs, feel more energised.

Join us for just 30 Days and you CAN get RESULTS too:

You’ll Achieve Quick Wins on your Way to Long-Term Success.

You’ll experience eating and exercising in a way that’s right for your body.

You’ll make healthy eating and physical activity fit seamlessly into your daily routines.

All while continuing to enjoy TASTY meals.

Do you want RESULTS?

Here's how it works:

Here's what you'll accomplish:

Lose weight (and keep it off), by burning body fat around the clock.

Slip into your favorite jeans again, gaining back your confidence.

Feel stronger, fitter and more energetic, avoiding those afternoon slumps.

Be confident that you’re eating in a way that makes you feel great, AND is helping you reach your goals.

Be free from BLOATING, improving your waistline instantly.

Here's what you'll get:

Plus these special BONUSES:

So, are you READY to take back control?

Join Today With No Risk! 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

The Full Body 30 Day ‘New Year’ Reset gives you realistic action steps to help you be fit & healthy for the long haul. I’m confident that you’ll love your time in the Programme, the results you get, and the lessons you learn. But if for some reason, the Programme isn’t a good fit for you, email me at elizabeth@waha.guru and let me know within 7 days. I wouldn’t dream of keeping your hard-earned money for a Programme that you don’t love. You’ll get a full refund with no hassles and no hard feelings.

And right now, you can claim your spot on this Programme for just £47 with our Early Bird offer!

Why such a low price?

The INTRODUCTORY price for this Programme is currently just £97, as you may know, both Natalie and I run our own successful programmes…but this is our FIRST joint venture!!

And, as this Programme is ‘on-line’ we do not need a venue, meaning we can reduce the cost for you significantly.

Plus, the content for this Programme is downloadable, meaning we have no printing costs to cover.

And finally, we feel an Early Bird offer of just £47 will help you decide to put yourself first, for you to start the new year as you mean to continue…and as we are all watching our pennies, the EB offer makes it more affordable for you.

So…go ahead and claim your spot right now and declare your commitment to being fit and healthy for life.

Just click the button below to take the next step, or scroll to the top and simply show your interest only at this stage.

CLAIM your spot TODAY!

Disclaimer: This Programme is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. The information provided in this Programme is for general educational purposes, and is not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietician or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices.
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