1. Download and Print* the Programme Workbook

This Workbook will show you how to Kickstart your fat burning to make instant progress and minimise bloating.

And start to work on improving your gut environment, helping to free you of digestive discomfort.

Plus help you to understand your new & exciting nutritional guidelines which will allow for effortless weight loss without any unnecessary hunger.

*Printing is optional but it will allow you to follow the content alongside the Recorded Presentation, alternatively you can purchase a ‘no-frills’ black and white Presentation Pack. The downloadable only option helps to reduce the cost of the Programme for you, during these trying times.

2. Watch the Presentation

Watch this 40 minute video at any time for a recap, or if you were unable to attend the face to face meeting.

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3. Follow the Action Plan

Use the Action Plan at the end of the Workbook to guide you.

Your Main Focus this week is to PLAN your menu 3-7 days ahead, to minimise the likelihood of going off track. Also consider having some of the 10 handy snacks, and prep ahead with one of the 5 infused waters, if you struggle to drink plain water alone.

4. Download Your Programme Resources

The Journals Pack

Pick and choose your journals from the collection, download and print them, or replicate them in your own notebook. But don't overwhelm yourself with too many Tick Sheets!! Use the Action Plan at the end of Module to guide you, and any additional Journals depending on what you need, according to your personality.

Video Presentation

This 5 minute video will take you through the available journals, to help you stay on track and monitor your progress.

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The Recipe Collection

50 nutrient dense, gut healthy recipes to kickstart your weight loss and improve your gut environment. Keep it simple, pick a few of your favourites and rotate them during the week. Be careful not to send it to print though, as there are over 100 pages!!

Video Presentation

This 10 minute video will take you through your collection of Gut Healthy recipes, all of which are mouth watering and tantalising, specifically designed to satisfy your taste buds and keep you fuller for longer.

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The Programme App

This is optional, and will allow you to access the Programme from where ever you are, at any time of they day, and with ease. It has the benefit of prompting you at least twice daily, to help you stay focused and engaged. This is where you can have 24/7 accountability...but be warned, I can see everything you do, and don't do, which ramps up the benefits of accountability like you've never known before!!

Just add the wet ingredients such as Coconut Oil & Eggs, and follow the Recipe Card!!

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Collection will be from Birchington and arranged before payment, or I can post them for an additional fee.

Week Two