1. Download and Print* the Programme Workbook

This week you will learn how much carbohydrate is too much or too little, and how to tweak your new diet when you reach your goal. Including tools to maximise your Fat Burning Potential, to speed up your results safely.

Plus I Introduce you to the Support Plan, this is a continuation of the Gut Healthy Weight Loss Programme, to help you tweak, finetune and perfect what you have already learnt, helping you to put it ALL into practice.

*Printing is optional but it will allow you to follow the content alongside the Recorded Presentation, alternatively you can purchase a ‘no-frills’ black and white Presentation Pack. The downloadable only option helps to reduce the cost of the Programme for you, during these trying times.

2. Watch the Presentation

If you were not able to attend the face to face meeting, this 20 minute Presentation is where you learn a few tricks to ramp up Fat Burning safely, tricks which also have many therapeutic benefits.

Play Video

3. Follow the Action Plan

Use the Action Plan at the end of the Workbook to guide you.

Your Main Focus this week is to set a pleasant alarm every 30 minutes to remind yourself to MOVE, use this time to knock out a few squats or press ups! Plus, consider TRACKING your macro’s to ensure you are hitting the sweet spot for effortless weight loss, plus to ensure you are eating an adequate amount.


Week Two

VIP Support Plan

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