Week Two

Super Nutrients for Tip Top Health

1. Download and Print* the Programme Workbook

This Workbook will show you how to Improve Weight Loss by Improving Your Health, and minimise the risk of illness and disease.

And lower Gut Inflammation and Start to Heal damage, improving IBS and digestive distress.

Plus recognise Super Nutrients, and how to incorporate them into your diet.

2. Watch the Presentation

Watch this 40 minute video at any time for a recap, or if you were unable to attend the face to face meeting.

Play Video

3. Follow the Action Plan

Use the Action Plan at the end of the Workbook to guide you.

Your Main Focus this week is to eat ONLY when hungry, DOUBLE CHECK yourself…make sure you are not eating out of habit, mood or due to an association of person or place. Plus take time out to eat, savour and enjoy your meals, and try to focus on those Super Nutrient Dense foods too. Perhaps consider supplementing if you find you are not getting them by diet alone.

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